Advance Materials for Automotive

New design of automotive construction materials has become of paramount importance to not only reduce the carbon footprint of their final products but also to increase efficiency and decrease cost of vehicles. The use of new advanced materials in vehicles will significantly increase fuel efficiency and cut emissions, but the auto industry lacks data and material models needed to reliably manufacture vehicle components from various substitutes, including aluminum alloys, high-strength steels and polymer composites.

The challenge is to ensure that new materials can be integrated without disrupting manufacturing process and assembly of vehicles. OEMs and Tier 1s need to ensure that safety, corrosion, coating and other processes are not jeopardized when new materials are being incorporated.

Join our Advanced Materials for Automotive Summit that will take place on January 23-25, 2017 in Detroit, MI and learn about:


Road to mass production of composites and joining materials


How integration of new materials impacts safety, corrosion, coating and other related processes


Cost- effective strategies as cost still remains high to justify usage of many of new materials


Partnerships with various organizations that work on decreasing cost of new materials as well as streamlining manufacturing processes

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